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    Treatment of Wear Surface Hardened reducer gear

    Update Time :2016-06-15The view :438

    Reducer of hard toothed surface as the screw lift transmission products essential components, the stability of the transmission system plays a important role. But if in the procurement process, procurement to hardness failed to request arrival of reducer of hard toothed surface or using cycle is too long, or overload, it will speed up the hard tooth face gear wear, and affect the normal operation of the transmission system.

    A: the main embodiment of the failure after long-term use:

    In the process of using oscillation enhancement, noise increases. The main original result of this scene is that the wear degree of the machine case is too large or has been damaged.

    2: may damage's parts: tooth wear, gear tooth fracture, gear shaft hole or slot was wear; bearing hole of a screw hole due to wear very simple failure; axial keyway is simple due to the use of time is too long and wear.

    Three: correction method: the correct methods and isn't everything repair have skill strength according to the method of repair, but the case of large equipment, can find repair point to modify the components, for the company's overall cost will greatly save.

    01: if it is due to wear of the shaft surface of the Hardened reducer shaft keyway, etc., can adopt the original accuracy of electroplating solution rehabilitation parts.

    02: if it is Hardened reducer tooth fracture and other damage, only from the new processing parts. In order to ensure the use cycle of the reducer of hard toothed surface, friends in purchasing Hardened reducer must choose the type, ensure the safety factor of the reducer of hard toothed surface, and strictly follow the operating instructions, to the effectiveness of performance Hardened reducer.