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    Gear motor speed reducer which common failure need to pay attention to?

    Update Time :2016-06-14The view :473

    Gear motor is not like home appliances and some standard products that are not the basic problem, on the contrary, often a lot of problems, and some even did not use a few will be broken, and many of them, I said a few;

    Because of poor operating environment, often wear, leakage and other failures, the most important is:

    1, reducer bearing room wear, which also includes the shell bearing box, box inside the hole bearing room, gear box bearing room wear;

    2, gear reducer shaft diameter wear. The main wear parts in the shaft and the key slot;

    3, reducer drive shaft bearing bit wear;

    4, reducer, combined with surface leakage;

    5, no replacement ventilation cap, as manufacturers especially for this hate;

    In view of the problem of wear, the traditional solution is after welding or brush plating machine repair, but both of them are some drawbacks: repair welding of high temperature of the thermal stress can not be completely eliminated, easy to cause material injury, leading to bend or break components; and brush plating coating thickness, is easy to peel and the above two methods are with repair of metal metal, can not change the "hard to hard" with the relationship between, in under the influence of the force, still caused by wear again. For some of the large bearing enterprises can not be settled on the spot, and more to rely on external association repair. Contemporary western countries to solve the above problems more than the use of polymer composite material repair method, which has a strong adhesion, excellent compressive strength and other comprehensive properties. Application of polymer materials to repair, may be exempt from removing free machine processing both gradated welding heat influence, repair thickness is not restricted, and products with the metal material does not have the deformability, absorption equipment of shock and vibration, avoid wear again possible, and greatly prolong the equipment service life of components, for enterprises to save a large amount of downtime, create enormous economic value.

    And in order to solve the problem of the leakage, traditional methods need to remove and open the gear reducer, replace the gasket or the sealant has been applied, not only time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to ensure the sealing effect, in the operation will once again appear leakage. Polymer materials can be on-site treatment of leakage, the material has excellent adhesion, oil resistance and 350% of the tensile strength, to overcome the impact of vibration reducer, a good for enterprises to solve the problem of reducer leakage.

    Because of the speed reducer type, specifications and parameters is particularly much, a lot of people in the industry are confused how to correct selection, so the use of selection problems cause gear damaged or very short service life, is also normal; and a very important a problem. Now some equipment factory and the use of manufacturers in order to reduce the cost and the types of reducer choose a small one or two specifications, models reducer small price falls, which is reducer often have a main reason.