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    Worm gear reducer how to use good results?

    Update Time :2016-06-16The view :443

    Worm gear reducer in accordance with the requirements of the after, you can get a more ideal transmission effect and a longer life. The worm gear reducer coupling with a variety of optional types, but do not use steel fixed coupling, the coupling more difficult to install, once the improper installation will increase the load capacity, easy to cause bearing damage, even to cause the output shaft fracture. Worm gear reducer is very important, to ensure smooth and firm, generally speaking, I

    Should be installed on the worm gear reducer in a horizontal base or on the base, and the oil tank should be excluded, and the cooling air circulation fluid. Worm gear reducer test run time can not be less than two hours, the normal operation of the standard is to run smoothly, no vibration, no noise, no leakage, no impact, if abnormal situation should be promptly ruled out. Worm gear reducer in the installation, to pay special attention to the central axis of the drive, the error can not exceed the speed reducer used in the use of the shaft coupling. Worm gear reducer is not fixed, the foundation is not reliable, it will appear, vibration and other phenomena, it will make the bearings and gears are not necessary damage. When necessary, the transmission connecting pieces should be equipped with protective devices, such as the connectors on the protruding objects or the use of gear, sprocket drive, etc., if the output shaft to bear the larger radial load, it should also be used to enhance the type.