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    Welcome to Wenling City TengLi Machinery Co., ltd.!







    Add:Wenling RuoHeng Town square Path Industrial Park


         Wenling  Tengli Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is located in the  Ruoheng Industrial area of southeast coastal city-Wenling, Zhejiang Province.

         The company has CNC milling machine, IPSEN vacuum carburizing furnace, grinding machine, rolling inspection machine, gear measuring center, a full set of metallographic analysis of the relevant international or domestic advanced equipment. The company has passed ISO9001-2000; ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification,the product accuracy level can reach GB4-GB7 level.

         Since the founding of the company, relies on strong research and development advantages, making our products with high precision, low noise, mature technology, the obvious characteristics of high price, products has been widely recognized by the industry and customers.



    Quality system of national standards

         We believe “To do a good job,One must first sharpen one's tools”,excellent manufacturing equipment is the foundation of excellent products.the company have CNC milling machine in Tianjin,and taking the CNC machine developed in partnership with Hengyou company,high precision gear processing equipment, German M&M tester and other related testing equipment,so to ensure the long-term stability of product quality.

    Strict control of the production process

         Strict quality management,so that we can ensure product quality and services is the foundation of all our work.

    Professional and comprehensive service

         We always stick to the values of focusing on customer's demands, customer satisfaction as a service standard. In the years of practice, we have always believed that quality machine depends to a great extent to the gear assembly and related accessories, we make use of professional knowledge, have been successfully for a number of enterprises improve quality machine made its own contribution. Therefore, the process of cooperation with customers, we provide products at the same time, also provide related technical services, and truly establish a customer centric business philosophy.